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Bob & Tom

6am - 10am

Start your day with a smile with Bob & Tom! Chick, Christie and the gangs hilarious guests will get your day off to the right start.



Dana Rae

10am - 3pm

Dana follows up the laughter with long Eagle flights of commercial free music. Dana believes in, "Classic Rock the way it's meant to roll".


Randy Adams

3pm - 7pm

Rich drives you home with all your Classic Rock favorites. He take pride in digging out  seldon heard tracks from your favorite artists.


Carolyn Hope

7pm - Midnight

Carolyn captains the "Night Flight to Midnight". She plays extended flights of your Classic Rock favorites with minimal commercial interruptions.



Phyllis Blue

Overnight & Weekends

Phyllis loves Classic Rock and it shows! Catch her show for all of your favorites along with info about the artists and upcoming concerts.

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