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Unfortunately the voice of Floyd Wynne has been silenced. However, to read the archives of "The View from Here" scripts, or to listen to a replay of the "View", simply click here.

Bob Wynne is continuing the tradition of "The View from Here". You can listen to Bob's commentary every Wednesday morning during our extended morning newscasts!

Lars Larson is a very popular commentator throughout Oregon and the entire United States. Lars was born in Klamath Falls and attending school here. In addition, Lars has been a very good friend of the Klamath Basin, supporting us both with his on air program as well as being here in person to draw attention to problems and events. You can hear the Lars Larson show live on KFLS Monday through Friday from 11am until 2pm and live on the worldwide web click here,  plus you can hear Lars commentary during our extended morning newscasts.